Dwelling [noun]

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Don’t be fooled by its mysterious exterior—this cave dwelling feels like a luxury resort.

By printing the first apartment building on-site, we are demonstrating that this new technology can also be used to print large-scale dwelling units.

The teenager said he heard three rounds fired at the dwelling but did not phone 911.

In the Stone Age and even in recent history, cooking fires were more than just a heat source in our dwellings.

The largest and best known of the Mesa Verde’s native dwellings, Cliff Palace is a wonder to behold.

In August 2016, and then again in October of that year, two major earthquakes socked the region, leaving Sambuco and thousands of other historic dwellings uninhabitable.

Astronauts could then 3-D print their dwellings with this material.

It was the same in the Five Points area of New York, where Irish immigrants were packed into rudimentary timber dwellings lacking running water and sanitation.

And Mr. Meadow Mouse often remarked that it had more halls than any other dwelling he had ever seen.

But dwelling means a special kind of structure—a building occupied by man—a place to live in.