Dyke [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dyke:

The great dyke which kept out arbitrary power had been broken.

Dyke Acland's mark is an anchor on the near side of each of his large herd of ponies, on Exmoor.

As we came on board we saw our ambassador, Mr. Van Dyke, tell some of his friends goodbye and wish them Godspeed.

Mr. Van Dyke and his clerks, assisted by boy scouts, were working overtime to gratify all these demands.

A wherry sweeping down the dyke with peak lowered leaves us but scant room to pass as we sail back to Heigham Sounds.

“Your husband will not let you; he would not like it,” I said in my haste, while Mrs. Dyke sat in open-mouthed amazement.

I have told her, and her Aunt Dyke has told her, that if ever she attempts to come after me there, I shall stop her allowance.

She went out with a look of quiet serenity and walked home along the dyke.

A fang of fire darted from the center of the clouds and the guard rolled down the dyke and lay still at the bottom.

High above the booming of the gale and the crash of the waves against the barrier came the voice from the dyke, "Rehtaf."