Dynamism [noun]

Definition of Dynamism:

hard work

Synonyms of Dynamism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dynamism:

Sentence/Example of Dynamism:

I’m not sure that I’m comfortable making any sort of a list, but certainly there’s a lot to like about the dynamism in Las Vegas.

I guess I’m waiting for the economists to run me out of town but I’m working at trying to get them to think about flourishing and to think more about the dynamism in an economy that makes it possible for large numbers of people to flourish.

I will allow myself to repeat here what I have said a hundred times elsewhere: The universe is a dynamism.

The universe is a great organism controlled by a dynamism of the psychical order.

The question at present resolves itself into this: Does this dynamism belong wholly to the experimenters?

Realism is not identical with materialism, and may even be definitely connected with the very opposite, dynamism or energism.

On the other hand, pure dynamism, now often called energism (and often spiritualism), is just as one-sided as pure materialism.

Even though we are cultural introverts there is plenty of dynamism within our society.

This dynamism has nothing which attacks the dignity and preminence of the soul.

Moreover, there is nothing inherently wrong in such dynamism.