Dynamite [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dynamite:

Dynamite, by the good fortune of invention, came to the revolutionary at the very moment when it was most wanted.

He had thought he was amusing himself with a toy cannon, and he had fired a charge of dynamite.

Perhaps he helped to dynamite the barges and drive those Hessians out of town.

The latter crouched there, frozen, hanging onto his hat as if it were a hunk of dynamite.

At the bow of this launch was a long spar, and at the end of this spar was a torpedo holding a hundred pounds of dynamite.

And it carries torpedoes—iron cases filled with dynamite—which it can shoot out against the great warships.

Look here Bey, I know the ways of you English, and youre sure to have a little dynamite; you always have.

The soldiers were hugely delighted with their haul, and gave us some packets of dynamite as mementoes!

It looked as if Charnock was putting in the dynamite, and Festing hoped he would be careful with the detonator.

He had already seen the one about how the kids put dynamite in the Captain's high hat.