Dynamited [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Dynamited:

We dynamited for fish and got sufficient to supply us all with food.

The bridge was gone—dynamited by the Austrians in their retreat.

They have been poisoned, shot, and dynamited, in the belief that their removal would benefit humanity.

Before leaving Fre-en-Tardenois there was not one house that had not been shelled or dynamited.

And when timber jack-strawed too wildly to be readily loosened by cant-dog and pick-pole they dynamited.

The women dynamited bank vaults and shared the money—government and counterfeit.

But the last patrols completely sacked the American relief storehouses of all eatables and then dynamited the building.

In places, where they lie tumbled and heaped together, it is as though a whole quarry of onyx had been dynamited out.

They were mostly dynamited, or else shot close to the water line.

What your man dynamited out of Evan's office safe, and what you destroyed, were only clever copies.