Dynasty [noun]

Definition of Dynasty:

area of rule

Synonyms of Dynasty:

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Sentence/Example of Dynasty:

Tom Brady walked away from a 20-year dynasty with the New England Patriots — and just won another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay.

The Celtics of that era remain one of the most storied dynasties in sports history.

Of course, these schools found that returning to dynasty status simply required hiring another championship-level coach, as Oklahoma did with Bob Stoops, Alabama did with Nick Saban and Ohio State did with Meyer.

By the 1980s, buffets ruled the landscape like family dynasties, with sister chains the Ponderosa and the Bonanza spreading the gospel of sneeze guards and steaks, sundae stations and salad bars along the interstates.

Family political dynasties are hardly unusual in American politics.

The Chicago Cubs once looked as if they were on the cusp of a dynasty, winning the 2016 title with a young, elite core of position players.

He remembered how decorous and dignified was the Mogul court when Britain paid honor to an ancient dynasty.

These Cupids must have been erected in the time of the Dutch dynasty, as I judge from the immense posterior developments.

The Persian era began, recording the fall of the Sassanian dynasty, and the religion of Zoroaster.

The Bourbon dynasty reduced brigandage very much, and secured order on the main high-roads.