Each [adjective]

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Each day she resolved, "To-morrow I will tell Felipe;" and when to-morrow came, she put it off again.

Some were even re-arrested for the same nefarious purpose, and the daily papers published their names on each occasion.

This city stands upon almost two equal parts on each side the river that passes through.

Done, says he, why let fifty of our men advance, and flank them on each wing.

Each religion claims that its own Bible is the direct revelation of God, and is the only true Bible teaching the only true faith.

Judge or sheriff, it was all one to them, each being equally terrible in their eyes.

All elements of expression modify each other, so that no mere rule can cover all cases.

Each picture bore a label, giving a true description of the once-honoured gem.

On the morning after Ramona's disappearance, words had been spoken by each which neither would ever forget.

The clock struck ten, and clerks poured in faster than ever, each one in a greater perspiration than his predecessor.