Eardrum [noun]

Definition of Eardrum:

inside of ear

Synonyms of Eardrum:

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Sentence/Example of Eardrum:

The new Sport Open Earbuds latch on to the back of your ears and point their small speakers so that the sound heads straight for your eardrums while allowing ambient noise to mix in.

You can achieve a similar effect with bone-conduction headphones, which largely skip the traditional route of affecting your eardrum and transmit sound via bone vibrations instead.

Monsieur Le Grand drummed till my own eardrum was nearly cracked.

But that burden of sound was almost too over-ponderous for the bethundered eardrum!

There was no speckle of light to classify and ignore, no susurrus of air molecules raining against the eardrum.

If a shell goes off too near you and the eardrum suffers, Dr. McKernon will be on the job to find out if he can't make a new one.

So do the adjacent molecules of air and so does the eardrum of a listener.

Way back inside the ear is a little curtain, or eardrum, made of a thin membrane.

As they move away they make a little vacuum there and the eardrum puffs out.

When the molecules of air next your ear receive the push they in turn push against your eardrum.