Earful [noun]

Definition of Earful:

facts, news

Synonyms of Earful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Earful:

Sentence/Example of Earful:

Oh, yes, the neighbors certainly got an earful, as the town gossips proved when the divorce suit seeped into the papers.

Out thar, Jode won't be hangin' around, shufflin' the dishes en tryin' to get an earful.

Go ahead an' spit 'er out—an' believe me, it'll be an earful!

I am with you if you will but give me half an earful of your plans.

But, believe me, Don, I gave him an earful when we got ashore that night.

I can give Mr. Silverton an earful about that workman of his!

Get an earful of what I'm going to tell you now, and don't ask any questions—just obey!

She'll be more than tickled—she'll want to hunt up somebody around here with three brain cells working and give 'em an earful.

Used to feed me an earful about what a great gunner he was, and what thrillin' times he had at the old shack.

Then well get the Inca to put on the headphone and give him an earful from the battlement.