Early [adjective]

Definition of Early:

in the beginning

Synonyms of Early:

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Sentence/Example of Early:

The "new world" was really found in the wonder-years of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

When his lordship retired early, as was his custom, the other men adjourned once more to the billiard-room.

In the early stages of chronic nephritis, when diagnosis is difficult, it is usually normal.

He was in early life a shipcarpenter, and subsequently American consul at Antwerp.

Hamo in alluding to the early cultivation of tobacco by the colony, says, that John Rolfe was the pioneer tobacco planter.

It is probable that Mlle. Mayer came under the influence of Prud'hon as early as 1802, possibly before that time.

I rushed home and practiced till ten, and then I got up early the next morning and practiced a few hours.

The delicious soft rains set in early, promising a good grain year.

Blood-streaked sputum is strongly suggestive of tuberculosis, and is more common in the early stages than later.

He distinguished himself in early youth by the variety of studies which he accomplished.