Earmarked [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Earmarked:

He is hoping to reinstitute an altered system of appropriations earmarks, reviving a practice that, while sometimes abused, helped build bipartisan support for must-pass spending bills.

CNN and other networks were quoting experts who said the attack had all earmarks of Middle Eastern terrorism.

We're about straight with the world, though it means every penny earmarked before I earn it.

He is quoting a favourite phrase—that a certain item of revenue has been earmarked for a particular purpose.

Some years ago a number of public buildings were earmarked for hospital use in case of war.

He looked at her benignly, like a monarch of finance who has earmarked a million or two for the benefit of a deserving charity.

The precious minutes that belonged to his employers and should have been earmarked for "The Rose of America" flitted by.

Capital must assume commodity-form, so that the particular portion of it which is earmarked for accumulation can be capitalised.

That part of the surplus value, however, which is earmarked for capitalisation, must be realised elsewhere.

When all was over, he found himself a man broken in health and spirits, and already earmarked for the tomb.