Earmarks [noun]

Definition of Earmarks:

signature characteristic

Synonyms of Earmarks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Earmarks:


Sentence/Example of Earmarks:

That sense of humor does not lessen but it lightens the gallantry and chivalry which is the earmark of Westerners.

Every earmark showed that, from the delicate scent of the paper, to the fine, even handwriting.

That little trick, for example, of beginning sentences with the word “also,” is a familiar earmark of the Kipling school.

These minor obligations do not earmark more than an hour in the day.

It wont do, she averred, but Mr. Denby has every earmark of it.

Then follows the non sequitur, which is a Democratic earmark.

He had his private earmark, drawn on parchment, and stored in an envelope.

Beyond doubt, Disraeli made the statement—it bears his earmark.

She has always shown every earmark of genius, even to neglecting the best husband that ever lived!

I never saw a more typical criminal, Michael said, severely looking at the captive; every earmark of it.