Earnest [adjective]

Definition of Earnest:

very enthusiastic

Synonyms of Earnest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Earnest:

Sentence/Example of Earnest:

So good that even if you forget what they were advertising — Coca-Cola — you’ll remember the fearsome Pittsburgh Steeler defensive tackle and the earnest young fan and everything it said, or didn’t need to say, about race.

Prototyping on the game’s movement systems started before development on the game began in earnest.

He also earned his first Emmy nomination for his voice-over performance in “Central Park,” the earnest and eccentric Apple TV Plus animated series.

My hope for 2021 is to see more of these ideas explored and adopted in earnest.

Vaccinating the world will be perhaps the single greatest global challenge of 2021, and that process is now beginning in earnest.

It’s expected to take another three or so months to refinance the remaining work — the project is about 40 percent complete — before construction would resume in earnest, he said.

Ahead of the electric racing series' seventh season start in Chile in January, 12 teams gathered at a race track in Valencia, Spain, to run their new cars in earnest for the first time.

The hum of earnest or glad voices here contrasted strongly with silence and meditation there.

This is a slow process, but earnest hearts and united minds will render it a sure one.

The earnest youth grinding at the academic mill has dreamed it in the pauses of his studious labor.