Earnestly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Earnestly:

The Alcalde was kneeling by his side, gazing sadly and earnestly into the face of the dying man.

Murat, who had earnestly begged to be allowed to share the Austrian campaign of 1809, was delighted to serve in person.

I hope that you never will grow up, said Tessa, earnestly, every thing is just as bad as you can dream.

He threw the Matin on the grass, and, doubling himself up in his chair regarded her earnestly.

A womans heart is not made of grains of sand to be blown hither and thither by a mans breath, she said very earnestly.

It is not surprising that the leading Scots remonstrated earnestly with Bruce for exposing himself to such an unequal chance.

His face came into the light again, and he leaned there on the table, watching me as earnestly as ever.

However, he soon overcame it, and talked calmly and earnestly, without looking much at her.

"It is evident, then, that he earnestly desired to speak to you—to tell you something," her companion remarked.

Whilst earnestly endeavoring to acquire true politeness, avoid that spurious imitation, affectation.