Earrings [noun]

Definition of Earrings:

precious stones, metals worn as decoration

Synonyms of Earrings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Earrings:

Sentence/Example of Earrings:

Gorman also wore earrings and a ring of a caged bird that were gifts from Oprah Winfrey.

I hadn’t realized how much I needed to watch Sue Ellen Ewing yank off her earring as she answered the phone.

Accessories include a golden ring, watch, earrings, and a bracelet.

Heather wears her sister’s simple gold hoop earrings, which Heidi wore for 20 years and rarely took out, and on the hardest days, she wears one of her sweaters — both given to her by Heidi’s husband.

Roberto Faraone Mennella, renowned jewelry designer and inventor of the “Stella,” the iconic earring, died on June 4 in Torre del Greco near Naples, Italy from cancer at age 48.

Inside the bag, Campos had accidentally left a pair of earrings that she had purchased for her daughter.

But he had no time for sentiment; he grabbed the reef-earring with his left hand, and clutched at the man with his right.

He wore four red and white feathers, one hanging from each silver earring, two tied into his hair.

Here at Kiangan, the earring consists of a spiral of very fine brass wire.

Let not a twig of the açoka-tree that my feet have caressed be broken, even to make an earring.