Earthenware [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Earthenware:

Fanchon's grandmother stirs up the drowsy fire; then she breaks the eggs on the black earthenware platter.

Pour water in an earthenware jar, place the plates in it and turn the plug in a lamp socket.

Putting in front of them an earthenware jar, made to the width of the mine,The Romans smoked out.

In front are the footlights, a row of earthenware bowls filled with oil, with a lighted wick floating in each one.

As they had no earthenware vessels, they had no idea that water could be heated.

The pots mostly used are the nine, ten, eleven and twelve inch standard earthenware pots.

An old form of distillatory vessel usually made of glass or earthenware, but sometimes of metal.

No further than in a cool, dark cellar of the palace, crouching among huge earthenware pots of grain.

She took her large earthenware jar, poised it on her shoulder, and went out of the tent into the hot light.

There is much earthenware of every style and a good quality, equal to the best Spanish manufacture.