Earths [noun]

Definition of Earths:

the world

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Sentence/Example of Earths:

While shares of Gamestop are now coming down to earth at about $50 apiece, the former rally’s impact has been far from negligible.

In recent standoffs, the NBA has been willing to move heaven and earth to maximize its television revenue.

With only one mining firm currently producing rare earths in the US, Round Top—which the company hopes to have in operation by 2023—would play a significant role in helping diversify supplies.

Sophie Murguia, assistant editorThere are some writers you discover and subsequently decide you must follow to the ends of the earth.

Over the past several decades, China has built up and cemented its dominance in global rare earths, and at its peak the country accounted for almost 98% of the world’s raw rare earths production.

A group of scientists studying the conditions that make life on earth possible had identified nine “planetary boundaries” that would threaten humans’ ability to survive if crossed, like the acidification of the oceans.

So only nine presidents, current and future, were walking the earth.

It’s the mystery of how on earth this quiet, comedic series is possibly connected to the loud and operatic Marvel universe that drives the show forward.

“They loved her down-to-earth personality,” Mathews said of the academy participants.

Walk the halls of an academic earth sciences department, and you’ll likely find displayed on a wall somewhere a strikingly beautiful map of the world’s ocean floors.