Earthward [adjective]

Definition of Earthward:

below; physically lower

Synonyms of Earthward:

Opposite/Antonyms of Earthward:

Sentence/Example of Earthward:

The black cloud would float earthward, and Heno would stop and have a word with the mother and the boy.

Something moved down on the river bank and in that same instant the box hurtled earthward as might a spear.

He saw it open and sail earthward and then some one on the ground waved a white handkerchief.

So he eased his plane earthward, gliding lower and lower, and waiting for the flare.

For he had turned his horse loose, and the blunderbuss, which he had been holding horizontally, was now dropped earthward.

He assented, and on one of these expeditions flew earthward to drink from a certain pool.

"It isn't so easy to buy another, Carl," said Matt, circling the Hawk about and dropping earthward.

But the chief's and Skenedonk's nursing and Indian remedies brought me face earthward again, reviving the surgeon's hope.

Kim quoted the proverb with a meditative cough, looking discreetly earthward.

“Done for” with a direct hit, one brave machine goes crashing earthward.