Earthy [adjective]

Definition of Earthy:


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Sentence/Example of Earthy:

Here, they’re boosted with mezcal and elderflower for a bright and earthy brew.

What her various tacos share is a delicious trio of soft corn tortillas and garnishes of chopped raw onion and earthy cilantro.

The presentation is festive and elegant, and each bite-size piece is a sensation of sweet, earthy, fresh, chewy and creamy.

Once dug up, it rapidly loses moisture and that mesmerizing earthy essence.

This earthy, filling dish is wonderfully flavorful in a flash and completely vegetarian.

Thus clothed, he rolled himself several times in the sand, for his body to assume an earthy colour.

The water drunk was measured, its saline and earthy constituents having been previously ascertained.

Underfoot Richard could feel dry twigs crack, and he smelt the fresh earthy odor of fern brakes and bird-loved thickets.

Underneath it is yellow; above, a dull, earthy hue: nothing could render that inexplicable shade dust coloured.

He could not have lain there long, for the earthy smell would have passed away in a few hours.