Eased [verb]

Definition of Eased:

alleviate, help

Opposite/Antonyms of Eased:

Sentence/Example of Eased:

“We need to do the recount so we can put people’s minds at ease,” said James.

Coronavirus infections across the greater Washington region surged past the 3,000 mark Wednesday for the first time, spreading with relative ease as caseloads set another record high.

No, but the child can exhibit more signs of ease and adaptability with gentle parenting styles and strong attachment.

Portability and ease of setup are key for wireless earbuds, and it’s important to choose a pair that’s as powerful as it is lightweight.

The Jefferson of this book is the familiar visionary and conflict-avoidance specialist who consistently fails to retire to a life of ease.

He was painstakingly designing a system that could recognize objects in pictures, regardless of variations in size, position and other properties — something that humans do with ease.

If sound quality and listening comfort are among your criteria in a pair of headphones, but you don’t want to sacrifice portability and ease of use, this is a great place to start.

Because when a crisis comes—be it pandemic, bombardment, flooding, or worse—it can shift stance to a spread-out, loose-formation waltz with ease.

I used a double leg takedown and took my larger opponent down with ease.

Bars of oysters are exposed, and large “rakes” of shellfish can be collected with relative ease during low tides.