Easeful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Easeful:

These people are easeful in their actions, make as few moves as possible and thereby lend an air of restfulness wherever they go.

He, sneered they, was too easeful and sensual to endure the discomfort of so long a journey.

The sand-hill crane came last of all, loitering north in lonely easeful flight.

Zulime (with no literary problems to distract her) had another easeful, idyllic summer.

I thought, veering round suddenly to the easeful simplicity of the old conventions.

His life has grown too bitter to be borne with fortitude, almost he is "half in love with easeful death."

One could not but feel that even when he struck to kill he would strike with easeful grace.

There is at the outset from Wimborne a choice between the easeful and the toilsome.

He rolled over—it was the only easeful attitude—as he cursed all gins, crabs, and dynamiters with wondrous fluency.

It was not more than fifty yards away, and, easeful of mind, I sat down to munch a piece of damper.