Easel [noun]

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While none of the original paintings is still in Arles, there is a Van Gogh trail, with easels displaying his most iconic views of that city, where he lived for 15 months and where his exuberance propelled him to just keep on painting — and painting.

This spiritual sequel casts him as a sort of anti-Bob Ross, working away at the table he uses instead of an easel while insisting that not everyone is equipped to be an artist.

As in a trance he crosses the room, seizes charcoal, and feverishly works at the blank canvas on the easel.

As in a trance he crosses the cell, seizes a piece of charcoal, and feverishly works at the picture on the easel!

The artist grasped his friend's hand, dragged him off to the studio, uncovered a small easel picture and a portrait.

If it passed the inspection, he would nod contentedly, trill out a gay refrain, and replace it on the easel for further study.

A Bayard in society—a Raphael at the easel, he bore a distinguished part in the lionization of the day.

All at once he sprang up, brought out his easel, took a canvas, and began to draw.

He went over to the canvases which he had discarded so fiercely, chose the one Inga had preferred, and placed it on the easel.

He went to his easel each morning with the early hours, sometimes in the company of Tootles, sometimes alone.