Easier [adjective]

Definition of Easier:

not difficult

Opposite/Antonyms of Easier:

Sentence/Example of Easier:

Still, if such an envelope should be handed him, he would breathe easier until it was opened.

Nothing will be easier then to throw the Poles into the shade of the picture, or to occupy the foreground with a brilliant review.

But, after all, perhaps it might be easier and more expedient if he were to appear to accept the Seneschal's statement.

It was soft and pliable, and of such a texture that it could be washed easier than anything else, either paper or cloth.

It is much easier to strike quickly than slowly, but practice in the slow movement will develop both muscular and nervous power.

You ought to be glad to change your hours for sleep, if it would make things easier for you.

At the bottom the wind was almost wholly shut off, so that sounds were easier to distinguish.

That's going to make things lots easier for my scheme, 'but I'll 'bide a wee' before I spring it on the Pater.

To make walking easier they went hand in hand, and they laughed to see their moving shadows melt together before them.

Well, you see there are four of us, and supposing grandfather is looking for us, it will be easier to find four than one.