Easiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Easiness:

One excels in care, another in reason, a third in easiness, a fourth in nature and grace.

But this easiness is only possible, in promiscuity, which is possibly a worse ill than aberration.

And the management, knowing his easiness, never paid him over twenty or twenty-five dollars a week.

The Otaheiteans have the most perfect easiness of manners, equally free from forwardness and formality.

There was a certain pleasant, natural robustness of spirit, and something of a feudal free-and-easiness.

Creation—that is the great redemption from suffering and easiness of living.

You know the easiness of my nature, and that makes you work upon it so.

And the coming easiness of the young one—'Sdeath, 'tis pity to deceive her.

Can you wonder at their easiness in being swayed this way and that?

For he possessed everything that was needed: easiness of access, a robust constitution, and a solid mind.