Easing [verb]

Definition of Easing:

alleviate, help

Opposite/Antonyms of Easing:

Sentence/Example of Easing:

Consumers can see the availability and pricing of the provider upfront and schedule house calls with security and ease from an LSA ad unit and profile itself.

As such, the CRISPR-Cas9 duo could cut, remove, and add DNA into a genome in whichever spot it’s needed, all with relative ease and accuracy.

Its ease of use helped tremendously in making CRISPR ubiquitous.

The frame can rest nicely on a surface or be mounted on the wall with ease.

It weighs 14 pounds, which isn’t the lightest option available, but it folds up tightly and can fit in a suitcase, the back of a car, or a spare closet with ease.

Why do many developers use this web development tool is mainly because of the ease of breaking a developing application into several simple parts.

A gas-powered leaf blower can handle larger jobs with ease, but expect to pay a little more for that extra oomph.

That could impact the service's visibility and ease of access to many iOS users, but it also eliminates the 30 percent revenue cut Apple demands from most App Store services.

The new national campaign, which touts the ease of booking a doctor’s appointment via Zocdoc, is the beginning of the company’s move towards offline channels.

In the ensuing years, cities began creating carpool lanes on highways in an effort to cut carbon emissions and ease gridlock, with mixed results.