East [adjective]

Definition of East:

situated to the east

Synonyms of East:

Opposite/Antonyms of East:


Sentence/Example of East:

Descending the Alps to the east or south into Piedmont, a new world lies around and before you.

The east window in this church has been classed as the A1 of modern painted windows.

The cantonment was split into two sections by an irregular ravine, or nullah, running east and west.

Of course, my first row was a long one, quite through the city from west to east, including innumerable turnings and windings.

Turn we our backs to the cold gloomy north, to the wet windy west, to the dry parching east—on to the south!

The trophies of the victory were six men of war and all of their East India ships, and between four and five thousand prisoners.

The second cable quotes mine of last night wherein I ask leave to call for the East Lancs.

He had the land in Tripp County that was broken into winter wheat, while that in the next county east was rented.

Besides, we now know that the plant which furnishes the Chinese tobacco is even said to grow wild in the East Indies.

In the later half of the campaign of 1806 he hopelessly failed to make any headway against the Russians east of the Vistula.