Eastward [adjective]

Definition of Eastward:

concerning the direction to the east

Synonyms of Eastward:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eastward:


Sentence/Example of Eastward:

It will continue to produce snow into the afternoon while perhaps shifting slightly eastward back inside the Beltway.

At the same time, there were a few scattered mid-level clouds from the Chesapeake eastward, but high pressure offshore wiped out any low-level clouds.

All these efforts at settlement, though, have been focused on resettlement — on moving Russia’s own citizens eastward to exploit this new land of opportunity.

A dry line moves eastward in big leaps during the afternoon as a result of daytime heating.

The toxic air has been literally off the charts, but a cold front and thunderstorms pushed in from the Pacific Ocean late last week and blew the smoke eastward.

Models typically show an MJO stalling out there rather than continuing to travel eastward, when in reality, the storms usually keep going.

They race around the globe at speeds exceeding those of most passenger planes, mainly eastward and westward.

But this port (to obviate misunderstanding) is not on the Ocean lying eastward, but on that gulf which I have called French bay.

Behind that hill, on the eastward ridge, a great ball is glowing, fiery red.

As the evening approached the weather clouded in and threatened us with another squall from the eastward.