Eatable [adjective]

Definition of Eatable:

able to be consumed

Synonyms of Eatable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eatable:

Sentence/Example of Eatable:

You must be greatly in want of some refreshment, for the wretched posadas on the road cannot have offered you any thing eatable.

I'm not enamored of a straight meat diet as a rule, but that evening I was in no mood to carp at anything half-way eatable.

In fact, when Henry had thinned out half a row he had quite a little pile of eatable carrots, each as large as his thumb.

This was no longer the case at my second visit to Rio, and every thing eatable was much improved.

Piso says, that the flesh of the six banded is not eatable; and Nieremberg affirms, that it is unwholesome and pernicious.

To render the bread eatable they grated it, and made mush of it; but the crust they could not grate.

This flaky part is as white as snow, and is the only eatable part of the fruit.

"There is something eatable in that basket,—I don't know what," said Skeff, pointing to a little neatly corded hamper.

The famished men soon consumed everything eatable they could come at on the island.

His powder, they say, is fifty years old; but he has eatable provender from Breslau, and means to hold out to the utmost.