Eaten [verb]

Definition of Eaten:

consume food

Opposite/Antonyms of Eaten:

Sentence/Example of Eaten:

He silenced her with a gesture, and, leaving a piece of toast half-eaten on his plate, he got up and went into his study.

He ate as many as he wanted and then, as he always felt sleepy after he had eaten, he thought he would lie down and have a nap.

They were eaten too quickly, in long gulps of four-and-twenty hours at a time.

Here Mr. Samuel Weller, who had silently eaten his oysters with tranquil smiles, cried “Hear!”

Clarence's papa said the candy had better be eaten by monkeys than by boys; but I doubt whether Clarence was of that opinion.

It is said that food passes through its body as fast as it is eaten, so it is not nourished, and soon dies for this reason.

The Rev. Timothy soon let his pipe go out, and succumbed as his wife had done, for he had worked hard and eaten well.

On my drawing nearer, they uncovered the poor creature, and I perceived that all her breast was eaten up by cancer.

In those days they shall say no more: The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the teeth of the children are set on edge.

Avoid making any noise in eating, even if each meal is eaten in solitary state.