Eating [noun]

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Public health experts are worried about unhealthy eating, too.

One problem is that we don’t know how much plastic humans are breathing in and eating.

At Children’s Hospital, in Washington, doctors are normally treating five or six eating-disorder patients on any given day.

As new moms, they were seeking a better eating experience that delivered plant-based nutrition in a portable format and at a reasonable price.

In response, anti-diet nutritionists, therapists, and activists have taken to social media to point out that a too tight grip on your eating habits can cause anxiety and unhealthy patterns that leave you frustrated and physically uncomfortable.

Because he built his experiments around the eating of insects.

On the Eater’s Digest podcast, Eric Adams talks healthy eating, urban farming, and food desertsLater this year, the voters of America’s largest city will elect a new mayor.

This is how to reboot your eating without resorting to a fad dietThat doesn’t necessarily mean throwing all restraint to the wind.

Diners preferred open-air eating in the warmer months, but now are grateful for the interior-lit pods, said owner Kristin Canty.

In late November and early December, turkey tastes best and most correct, when the failing sunlight and increasing chill makes for the most satisfying eating of pot pies, noodle soups, and other ideal leftover turkey conveyances.