Eaves [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Eaves:

Your old homestead is the loveliest place around, with its deep eaves and dormer-windows and vines.

Husky crows awake in the pine trees, and doves under the temple eaves.

They climbed a ladder and found the barn-swallow's nest plastered under the eaves of the barn.

So still was the place that the caged cricket hanging from the eaves of Um's distant room beat time like an elfin metronome.

The gallery above is an open eaves gallery like those in north Italy.

An octagonal tower of two storeys rises above the corbelled eaves.

I therefore decided upon taking up my quarters for the night under the eaves of a house.

Do they not raid the harvests along their route, resting at night under the eaves of the houses?

Gutters also of tile ran along the eaves to conduct the water into cisterns, if it was needed for domestic purposes.

Edward slipped under the eaves of the cottage, not six feet from the man, who remained with his back partly turned towards him.