Ebbed [verb]

Definition of Ebbed:

subside; decline

Synonyms of Ebbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ebbed:

Sentence/Example of Ebbed:

While legalized gambling has seen ebbs and flows over the course of American history, no state has enacted a major gambling prohibition in more than a century.

Thenceforth, it ebbed, though it raged madly for a while in the effort to sweep away the obstruction.

The flood-tide in the entrance generally ran sixteen hours, and ebbed eight hours.

She trembled, and the blood slowly ebbed from her face, leaving it pale and luminous with a sort of wonder.

The Rev. Mr. Clarke was now come, an old and valued friend; he knelt and prayed as the life ebbed away.

At that moment the last of the daylight ebbed, and darkness began to quench the sunset embers.

As soon as the sun struck through the trees, Mr. Treffry's strength ebbed again.

All his supporters, save Hieronymus, ebbed away from Robert.

As she went on, her courage ebbed a little, but a dogged determination kept her from turning back.

She shared it with him; and lingering on without pain, but without hope, her life ebbed slowly away.