Ebon [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ebon:

Still no sign of Nellie, though he purposely made a noisy rattle with his ebon walking-stick.

Winding trails of light webbed the crater's walls, and at places ebon cavities jeweled among the light.

The black woman stood laden and smiling like some ebon effigy typifying plenty and good cheer.

They have clear ebon skins, not coal black, but of an inky hue.

I rushed to the door and beheld him standing, gazing with wild eyes at the ebon tablet held straight out in front of him.

Sure some great and mighty monarch owns this other bow of might, Set with golden glittering insects on its ebon back so bright?

Craig went, reluctantly, with several halts and backward glances at the old lady of the ebon staff.

Madam Bowker's tone was almost unladylike; her ebon staff was flourishing threateningly.

The old man, caught in the whirlpool of ebon, was swept down, screaming.

On duty, they stood like ebon statues and opened not their mouths.