Eccentricities [noun]

Definition of Eccentricities:

bizarreness, unusualness

Opposite/Antonyms of Eccentricities:

Sentence/Example of Eccentricities:

Philip Wharton, died; an English nobleman, remarkable for his eccentricities.

Definite knowledge with regard to the pathological basis of crankism, or eccentricities, has not yet been obtained.

It fully explained his eccentricities, John reflected sagely, as he mixed himself a grog.

He was eccentric, of course, but his eccentricities were such as did him credit.

To know their habits and eccentricities places those of the true Bohemia in a proper light.

Whitlett was only a country practitioner—even his mother might have exaggerated his undoubted eccentricities.

Horace Greeley's peculiar abilities and eccentricities won celebrity for him, rather than voters.

His own eccentricities, especially his recent manner at Mr. Macgregor's, gave confirmation to the charge.

Hitherto, with all the eccentricities or deficiencies of her mind, had mingled a wild and airy gaiety.

The Puritans kept Rhode Island for what housekeepers call an "odd drawer," into which to crowd all these eccentricities.