Eccentricity [noun]

Definition of Eccentricity:

bizarreness, unusualness

Opposite/Antonyms of Eccentricity:

Sentence/Example of Eccentricity:

The key piece of their analysis, published in a paper in October in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, is “orbital eccentricity.”

Bach-Møller and Jørgensen started by gathering the full sample of exoplanets for which researchers have already measured or estimated orbital eccentricities.

Some people shrug these off as the eccentricities often associated with brilliance.

First, we quantified the egg shapes of more than 1,400 species by determining an egg’s eccentricity — how far it deviates from a sphere — and asymmetry.

Bond says that the discovery raises more questions that may ultimately help us understand the evolution of pufferfishes, a group already awash in eccentricities.

Fashion—Do not be too submissive to the dictates of fashion; at the same time avoid oddity or eccentricity in your dress.

He was a man of great learning and eccentricity, and devoted his long life to laborious study.

Wear what is becoming to yourself, and only bow to fashion enough to avoid eccentricity.

I must add, by way of an eccentricity, his admiration for Dargomijskys Roussalka.

He has all the eccentricity of Rowland Hill, manifested only in a very different manner.