Ecclesiastical [adjective]

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The archbishop of Manila sends to the king (July 30, 1621) an account of ecclesiastical and some other affairs in his diocese.

John Alphonsus Turretini died; professor of ecclesiastical history at Geneva, distinguished for his learning.

Condition of the archbishopric of Manila in regard to the affairs of ecclesiastical and secular government.

Though by birth duke of St. Cloud, he preferred the ecclesiastical state to political distinction.

Visitation of the ecclesiastical cabildo, clergy of Manila, and province of Pampanga.

He passed his life in severe study, and wrote an ecclesiastical history from Julius Csar to his own age.

This act is performed by the Christian church in a collective ecclesiastical capacity.

He hoped to treat the subject exhaustively in his forthcoming treatise on Ecclesiastical Prosody.

On all these occasions the Church of God engaged to obey his law, not only regarding things ecclesiastical, but also things civil.

For some purposes, men may unite in this, though they be in different ecclesiastical communions.