Eclair [noun]

Definition of Eclair:

baked product made with flour

Synonyms of Eclair:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eclair:


Sentence/Example of Eclair:

And a second ride which Mr. Eclair soon afterwards took turned out equally successful.

Then each chose her own dessert, Dorothy taking a chocolate eclair, Edna peach ice-cream and Jennie charlotte russe.

The French authorities have given the name Feux-Eclair to flashing lights of short duration.

He had liver and onions and a chocolate eclair and felt that he needed a woman to look after him.

Chow broke in, bringing a lunch tray with milk, a hot chicken sandwich, and a chocolate eclair.

As all will concede, an eclair is, to say the least, an uncertain quantity.

Quick to find Beauty in a poem or an automobile, an eclair or a man.

"Ginger-snaps, two bananas and an eclair," said the Unwiseman.

From chicken on toast with a wholesome rice border to potato salad and from potato salad to an eclair and coffee.

Mistraon is so fleet that I did not lose sight of Eclair from the time I began to climb the hill of black stones.