Eclat [noun]

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The eclat which the Moorish caliphs shed upon Spain from the tenth to the thirteenth century is well known.

They'll all be there, old man, and I shall make my exit with much eclat, with pipe and dance and all the rest of it.

The first splendour and eclat of such situations soon loses its lustre, and often, as you found it, is burdensome.

It is very beautiful to teach Truth, but error should not be corrected with too much eclat.

A new era was opened in 1847 by the introduction with great eclat and enterprise of the first iron steamers.

In Orissa too, it is kept up with great eclat before the shrine of Juggurnauth and its environs.

It is, as already intimated, the increasing eclat of Shakespeare's name and fame which has made him desirable as a coreligionist.

Moreover, upon the emergent parts of the Eclat reef and heights of the roadstead he proposed to erect two forts.

These gentlemen advised the erection of two dikes, one on the Eclat shoal in the very axis of this reef, and the other at Heve.

As we have already seen, the use of these between Cape Heve and the Eclat shoals had already been proposed in 1845.