Ecologies [noun]

Definition of Ecologies:

environmental science

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Sentence/Example of Ecologies:

Citizen science is a big part of park ecology science, she says, so if visitors see and photograph tracks or scat, or participate in surveys like with the Cascades Wolverine Project, reports that ecologists can follow up on.

In the early ’80s, I remember writing a proposal to study the interactions and ecology of microorganisms.

He also has studied hornet ecology at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute.

She’s a biologist who studies evolution and ecology at the Center for Ecological Research in Debrecen, Hungary.

The idea has provoked debate across the fields of ecology and animal behavior for more than two decades.

While I mainly focus in cellular and molecular biology, I’ve been obsessed with birds ever since my first ecology and ornithology classes.

All of these activities can impact the local ecology in ways that scientists are just beginning to understand.

They were well informed in plant and animal ecology, and in knowledge of range of species.

The youngest branch of Botany is Ecology or the study of vegetation in relation to habitat—particularly soil in its widest sense.

I wonder if modern ecologists know of these records made long before ecology was invented?