Ecologists [noun]

Definition of Ecologists:

wildlife expert

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Sentence/Example of Ecologists:

Fizri lowered his smartphone and began to explain colugo ecology.

Some changes to that law in the 1990s allowed the government to make concessions, or grant private parties’ rights to provide water services, said Margaret Wilder, associate professor of geography and political ecology at the University of Arizona.

He studies worms and soil ecology at the University at Buffalo in New York.

Several Democratic candidates with degrees and work experience in chemistry, engineering, ecology, and medicine have been defeated in House and Senate races.

Given the great variation in size, ecology and physiology between these species, “this was a really unexpected result,” and one that the researchers don’t have an explanation for, Stroud says.

It’s unclear whether unifying principles that underpin ecology — the equivalent of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in physics — are unknown because no one has yet uncovered them or because such principles simply don’t exist.

Nighttime ecology is particularly understudied, with most research focused on the daytime activities of organisms.

McClintock has followed his far-reaching curiosity into marine ecology, climate change, and biomedical research.