Economical [adjective]

Definition of Economical:

conservative with resources; careful

Opposite/Antonyms of Economical:

Sentence/Example of Economical:

Clearly, they believe they’ve solved the problem in a way that’s useful and economical.

The world of work has been undergoing change for years, driven by technological, economical, and societal factors.

Replacing the parts wouldn’t be economical—one estimate priced it at more than $800 million.

With only four colors of ink, it won’t deliver high-quality photo prints like some other printers, but for a home or office, it’s a sharp, fast, economical, and environmentally-friendly tool.

They sent one-minute video clips of five different runners to 121 coaches ranging from high school to international level, and asked them to rank the runners from most economical to least economical.

She is tidy enough, but very thriftless—mean, without the power of being economical.

The collection and application of taxes and revenues will be put on a sound and honest economical basis.

Many, well qualified to judge, were satisfied that it would prove more economical than steam locomotion.

Other entertainments may be given upon economical principles, but a ball cannot.

By an economical use of time, one may gain a fair idea of Oxford in a few hours.