Economies [noun]

Definition of Economies:

saving, frugality

Opposite/Antonyms of Economies:

Sentence/Example of Economies:

She had expected personality, magnetism, as a compensation for nature's external economies.

And so I learned much of the good sense and many of the economies in the life of this most celebrated model.

The valet was by this time a man of property; his wants were few and his little economies, as he called them, were large.

That if that money is put into the bank, all these little pinching economies will have to be borne as a consequence.

Watt was therefore the inventor of the first of those economies now regarded as absolute requirements in construction.

Among the lower classes, great wastefulness in the family economies is attributed to the ignorance of the women.

We have already pointed out the economies that can be made by putting industry under a uniform system.

The Clemens household resorted to economies hitherto undreamed of.

Her letters tell of these attractive things, and of their economies to make their income reach.

She put by the money he sent her; she continued her customary economies.