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Investment gurus typically think of the rational retail investor as the kind of creature dreamed up by the economist Benjamin Graham.

Which brings us to everyone’s favorite villain economist, Larry Summers.

Draghi is an adept economist who’s been called on to get the bel paese out of all manner of crises over the years, usually by selling assets to get the country out of some financial hole.

Some economists estimate that the pandemic will cause the gender wage gap to widen by five percentage points.

Most economists support giving more relief to Americans who are struggling to put food on the table or keep their small business from closing.

In the case of Moderna, that’s especially galling – because the American people actually paid for that company’s vaccine, as Dean Baker, an economist, noted on On The Media.

The son of a top economist in the Truman administration, he had grown up in the Washington suburbs and then on his family’s chicken farm in rural Virginia, where, he boasted years later, he became the chicken-judging champion of the Middle Atlantic.

Justin Yifu Lin, a renowned government economist in China, even argued that economic growth was not the primary factor behind China’s smog problem, and that China should speed up growth to fundamentally solve its environmental crisis.

Samuel Moment, the economist who wrote the blueprint for the aluminum industry’s postwar reconstruction, had worked as a planner at the BPA in Portland since 1940.

While it is cheaper to build renewables when considering a new plant, that metric doesn’t necessarily apply to running a fossil fuel plant that already exists, explains Ashley Langer, an energy economist at the University of Arizona.