edacious [adjective]

Definition of edacious:

  • Having a great appetite; voracious.
  • Consuming or devouring large quantities of food.

Synonyms of edacious:

Opposite/Antonyms of edacious:

Sentence/Example of edacious:

The edacious child finished his meal in minutes and asked for more.

His edacious appetite was well-known among his friends.

The edacious manner in which she attacked the buffet surprised everyone.

The edacious predator hunted tirelessly to satisfy its hunger.

Despite his edacious habits, he managed to stay in great shape.

The edacious demand for new technology keeps companies innovating.

She had an edacious thirst for knowledge, reading every book she could find.

The edacious crowd quickly consumed all the refreshments at the party.

His edacious consumption of junk food led to numerous health problems.

The edacious nature of the storm devoured everything in its path.