Eddied [verb]

Definition of Eddied:

revolve, turn; proceed smoothly

Synonyms of Eddied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eddied:

Sentence/Example of Eddied:

This passed, and there was a deathly pause of ten minutes while the whole sky eddied as with smoke-wreaths.

Now came a whiff of biting smoke down the well shaft, borne by some breath of wind that eddied into it.

The dense smoke eddied and circled round the court, and the Danes were gone, leaving us in a ring of fire on three sides.

A resinous odour of pine-wood impregnated the air, and the ruddy smoke eddied through a fissure in the rock.

The crack of a revolver rang out, and a whiff of smoke eddied upward from one of the barricaded front windows.

As if in corroboration, the first puff of brown smoke eddied through the open door.

The players eddied and tossed, and were sucked into the human whirlpool.

Back and forth they swirled and eddied, and howled like wild things about carrion.

About the stall of the one lone bookmaker a small crowd, made up altogether of men, eddied and swirled.

The smoke of the fire hung and eddied under the gloomy roof about five feet from the ground.