Eddying [verb]

Definition of Eddying:

revolve, turn; proceed smoothly

Synonyms of Eddying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eddying:

Sentence/Example of Eddying:

Above, great standard electric lamps shed their white glare upon the eddying throng casting a myriad of grotesque shadows.

On the outermost corner of the structure, overlooking the eddying, foaming bend of the San Juan, rose the isolated tower.

The eddying, swirling, hissing water was dragging at her feet.

Whirling round rapidly in eddying flocculi, they quickly tailed away to the north, evaporating and disappearing.

There are strata, there are eddying air-currents which rend the curtain or shred the massing vapors.

Henrietta had recovered from her attack of penitence, and was again floating on the eddying current of excitement.

What utopian dreams were whispered into ears into which the eddying waters were intoning a refrain!

Sifting and eddying on the swaying floor went the rhythmic whirlpool of dancers.

The first flake or flakelet that reached me was a mere white speck that came idly circling and eddying to the ground.

Waters all out, bridges down, the Country one wild lake of eddying mud.