Edged [noun]

Definition of Edged:

border, outline

Synonyms of Edged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Edged:

Sentence/Example of Edged:

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday showed Biden with a narrow edge in the battleground state, where protests erupted after last month’s police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha.

From the starting position on the left it takes two flips to move node 1 into a space where it can be connected to node 6 without crossing any other edges.

It has not fallen into chaos, but it’s kind of right on the edge of it.

They gather in the small village of Carrbridge, Scotland, on the edge of a national park in the Scottish highlands, for the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship.

If you’re looking for a pot that will ensure its contents don’t stick to the edges or boil over the sides, this design has got you covered.

Midmorning Sunday, hoping to escape the heat and smoke, I walked across San Francisco’s Great Highway, on the far western edge of the city, to Ocean Beach.

In particular, one major channel, more than 800 meters deep, could be funneling warm water all the way from Pine Island Bay to the submerged edge of the glacier, the team found.

His empathetic approach has brought a human edge that will be needed if the American fringes are to be defeated.

Though the nasal sample had a slight edge in detecting infections, the University of Ottawa researchers said the study made a case for saliva samples.

Buy now Navigating the knife’s edge between under- and overtraining has never been easier.