Edgeless [adjective]

Definition of Edgeless:

not sharp

Synonyms of Edgeless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Edgeless:

Sentence/Example of Edgeless:

At my suggestion, Philippe C- incorporated the ability to assign custom weights to each number of edges, which allows more interesting and hairy configurations to emerge that you can play with in the simulation.

You’ll want to top off the tank when you reach the edge of civilization so that you aren’t in the position of trying to return on fumes.

Patching together local regions into one big universe produced misalignments at their edges, like flat tiles on a round globe.

First, get a tissue, fold it in half, and place it on the inside of your mask, along the top edge, so it sits right over the bridge of your nose and lays against your cheeks.

As a result, those high-energy electrons may get tangled up in small vortices on the edge of the plasma stream, below the purple streak.

Because the trustworthiness of AI, on which so much depends, begins at the cutting edge.

Since neurons in the primary visual cortex prefer edges of a particular orientation, it is possible that many of them are chronically understimulated in human-made environments.

Now, with some people on edge because of that drastic action, we have a report that provides detailed tracing of the virus' spread between mink and humans, providing us a better sense of the risks involved.

Holding it in one hand isn’t the simplest task, though, the squared sides are much easier to grip than the rounded edges on the 11 Pro Max.

The more expensive equities get, the more prices teeter on a knife edge because they’re increasingly vulnerable to economic shocks that can send them crashing––the second big threat to equities.