Edification [noun]

Definition of Edification:

improvement, education

Synonyms of Edification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Edification:

Sentence/Example of Edification:

Your letter was easily read, the pagination presented no difficulty, and I read it with much edification and gusto.

All these things we will describe for the edification of people under similar circumstances to ourselves.

You show wit, and I see you think to play the man of importance for my edification.

At any rate his daughter passes her day of edification entirely without his assistance.

Finally, Nachmanides wrote, not only for educational and theological ends, but also for edification.

In Bossuet's opinion, as in Gerson's, these things are matters of edification, not of faith.

They determined to make of it, not a stone of stumbling, but rather an example of zeal and a subject of edification.

It was his familiar flourish, an old story to Bibbs, and now jovially declaimed for the edification of Mary Vertrees.

All the fashionable fiction of the day passed through my hands, much to my gradual enlightenment, if not to my edification.

Would it have been right that I should have passed it by in silent contemplation for my own edification only?