Edifying [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Edifying:

It is quite edifying to hear Mr. Slocum reading the village paper aloud, to his wife, after a hard day's work.

This edifying ceremony could easily be seen from the square, as the windows are very near the ground, and were also open.

The way in which they worked together was not edifying, nor calculated to impress the natives with a sense of dignity and power.

I am vastly complaisant, amuse myself in Routes and private parties and play shilling Whist with the most edifying resignation.

Publish then, this good, this edifying and instructive little Piece for their sakes.

His deportment at this solemn ceremony, as related by a church dignitary, was fully edifying.

This is injurious to the child, betrays vanity in the parents, and is not very edifying to others.

The insinuations and revelations made in the course of these lawsuits were anything but edifying.

These truculent ruffians (when they have thoroughly earned a thrashing) will often accept it with most edifying docility.

In another moment there would have been presented the not very edifying sight of an encounter between teacher and pupil.